Vision & Mission | School of Engineering

Vision & Mission


To serve the higher learning needs of India and the global community through creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in science and technology; to contribute to capacity building of valuable human resource for industry and society, in roles of leadership, responsibility and service; and to serve as an institutional model of excellence in scientific and technical education characterized by integration of teaching, research and innovation.

  • To generate new knowledge by constantly engaging with experts, to lead interdisciplinary research and integrate research training into the state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.
  • To offer all core technologies in undergraduate programmes and build on this foundation to offer postgraduate specializations in cutting edge technologies, relevant to Indian and global needs.
  • To partner with international universities and private/public sector organizations to incorporate the best pedagogical ideas, techniques and tools into our academic environment.
  • To foster innovation and develop students with the in-depth understanding of subject and breadth of vision, knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to shoulder global responsibility and ethical leadership.
  • The University's mission is to help students acquire and develop knowledge, skills and leadership qualities of the 21st Century and beyond.